Custom Commissions with Print

$40.00 - $270.00

Custom Commissions are now open! I am now available to paint you, your OCs, your family, friends, and pets for a reasonable price.

I will also Print and ship these commissions out to you as well! All prints will be a 11”x17” gloss print.

Are you Interested? Cool! Here’s more details below!

A grey scale painting of 1 Person (no background) $45, & full color Painting $90

A grey scale painting of 2 People (no background) $90, & Painting $180

A grey scale painting of 3 People (no background) $135, & Painting $270

A Group of 4 or more & pets are an Additional :$40

You can contact me here with your photo request in mind. You can dm me on instagram ,or email me at [email protected] .Just attach your name and handles with your photo and your set! I will send you updates throughout the process, and make up to 3 major edits before additional charges.